As a recovering SEO, I still have many friends and contacts in the SEO industry. I still keep an eye out on what is hot & what is not in the SEO world. Whilst I cannot really claim to be much of a SEO nowadays (though I’ve given an WordPress SEO talk or two in my time), I do still use my SEO skillset from time to time to help promote my own website. As well as a skillset that is slightly under-utilised, I have a list of tools that I quite like using. These are tools that I use pretty much on a weekly basis, sometimes on a daily basis. I’ve tried to categorise the tools the best I can, and I’m interested to try out more tools if need be. But, as of today, here are my favourite WordPress SEO tools. Websites/Programs These are SAAS websites that are quite helpful to keep a tab on your site, and help with analysis. This is probably the best rank checker I know . Although the mode du jour in the SEO industry is to ignore keywords (something I do agree with), it’s a good way to get a good overview on where your site stands, and also the sites around you in the SERPs. It is free, but if you want more than 30 days of history, then you have to pay. It’s $4.99 per “robot” per month. That will
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