Today we’re happy to release a nifty little WordPress plugin that you can use to display your images in a beautiful lightbox, without adding a bunch of bloat to your site. It’s incredibly efficient and admittedly scratches our own itch, but since we took the time to build it, we figured it made sense to share it with the rest of you too. You can download it and install it now. The Problem with Most WordPress Lightbox Plugins The reason that Rob set out to build WP Featherlight is because we were having a really hard time finding a lightbox plugin that was simple to customize, but that was also lightweight, flexible, and didn’t add a bunch of bloat to our website. As you already know, we’re pretty obsessive when it comes to performance, so we scrutinize the plugins and code that we add to our sites quite a bit. We also didn’t need a lot of the features that are popular in other lightbox plugins. Sharing buttons definitely fell in the “nice to have” category, but weren’t an essential part of what we needed, and definitely weren’t worth the weight that they added to our pages. That’s not to say we won’t ever add social sharing to WP Featherlight, but it’ll likely come in the form of an
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