Adding a cache plugin to your WordPress site is basically the best thing you can install on your site after Akismet and WordPress SEO, by default WordPress sites are served by compiling the various PHP files for each visitor which causes an overhead on your server. By installing a cache plugin, the PHP files are complied into static HTML files which load a lot faster and decrease the load on your server, unless you have a very dynamic site like a forum there is no reason to not use one. Increased page speed is proven to decrease bounce rates, increase conversions and also will now give you a boost in Google search results as they now take page speed into account as a ranking signal. There are several options for caching in WordPress, the main two which are also free are W3Total Cache and Super Cache and both do great jobs at lowering page loading times – I currently use Super Cache on WPlift and was very happy with the results so I was interested to find out if WP Rocket could improve loading times. Features As you would expect from a premium plugin, to justify the purchase price when compared to similar free plugins it needs to offer more features which WP Rocket does. As you can see
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