This is our monthly report where we share our business insights as part of our transparency policy. Updates In May, we shipped one minor version and 2.6 Yavin which is a major update including better Lazy Load and smarter minification! Revenue $45 858 in revenue (+0,26%) 785 orders (+1,9%) 68 renewals (+9,7%) 651 new customers (+7%) 3127 websites added (-4,6%) If you follow our monthly revenues you will notice that for the past 3 months our revenue has been very stable around $45 000. That’s a good amount but we don’t have the same growth as the few months before. Let’s have a look at our customer acquisition strategy. Since the beginning, our customer acquisition strategy has been very simple: having the best caching solution possible and fantastic customer service. This leads to transforming our customers into brand advocates who recommend WP Rocket to others – this has been very effective for us. In the meantime we had another customer acquisition channel which is blog reviews of WP Rocket. It’s a hard job to get the number of reviews that we have. Reviews never come by being passive. So basically I contacted hundreds of bloggers to pitch WP Rocket to them and let them know I would
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