We are ecstatic to announce the official launch of WP Stagecoach 1.0! WP Stagecoach makes it easy to create a WordPress staging site with one click, and to import changes back to your live site. With WP Stagecoach, you never have to develop on a live site again! To celebrate our launch, we have special launch pricing available for a limited time: Create up to 50 staging sites per month Use up to 6 staging sites at a time $12/month or $99/year We are launching with just one plan, but we realize that one size doesn’t fit all. We are working on more plans to fit everyone’s needs, such as: WP Stagecoach for Support Teams: make it easy for your customers to create a staging site where you can disable plugins, change themes, and make code changes to track down problems. WP Stagecoach for Web Hosts: to stay competitive in the world of WordPress hosting, you need to provide staging solutions for your customers. We can help! High-volume plans for agencies and developers. Low-volume plans for site owners It has been nearly two years since we decided to pioneer a new plugin and the server software infrastructure to make it easy to create WordPress staging sites for anyone. We have overcome many
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