Today, SEO specialist Yoast has released a brand new WordPress plugin: Yoast Comment Hacks. As the name implies, this plugin adds improved functionality to the default WordPress commenting system, making public some of the functionality already used by the Yoast team. This comes at a time when many WordPress bloggers are turning their comments off for good—now where’s the fun in that? By making the default commenting system more bearable to use, Yoast hopes that their new plugin will encourage WordPress users to value website community. The plugin is split into five modules, each focusing on a different comment ‘hack.’ Let’s take a look at each module in turn: Minimum Comment Length One of the anti-comment brigade’s favorite arguments against comments is that people aren’t writing anything meaningful anymore. For every in-depth, informative comment one of your readers leaves, you probably receive ten ‘nice post!’ messages. The Yoast Comment Hacks solution to this problem is simple: set a minimum comment length. By encouraging users to leave longer comments, you’re also encouraging them to say something meaningful. If users leave a comment that’s too short, they’ll see an error message
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