Making money on eBay isn’t as difficult as you might think. Items you may have purchased from garage sales or heavily-discounted merchandise you bought can easily be resold on eBay to make a profit.

Here are five ways you can start making money on eBay.

Viewing Completed Listings

Successful sellers start out by identifying the market for the items they want to sell by looking through the review of completed listings. You can do this by clicking on the “Advanced Search” button and then entering the keywords that describe your items. In the results, you should click on the “Completed Listings” button located along the left-hand column. It should show an item list that fits the keywords, which lets you know the items that were sold or haven’t been bought yet.

Finding Top Items

Another useful tip for selling items on eBay is to search for top-selling items by typing in keywords like “top selling items” in the site’s search field. Then select categories from the pull-down menu next to the search field.

Since eBay no longer offers its top sellers’ list, you need to sift through results in order to know if the sellers have sold any items and, if they have, how many. Additionally, the results list how many bidders and watchers each item has, which are additional indicators of an item’s popularity.

Joining the Network

If you have difficulty listing items on eBay, you can set up your affiliate account with the help of eBay’s Partner Network. To make money, you can just push traffic to eBay. Every time somebody buys an item, you will get a percentage. This works well in case your blog, site, or social media pages have large followings.

Moreover, you could sign up and then add eBay banner ads to your site, encouraging people to click on them, possibly doing some shopping in the process.

Setting Prices

To be a top seller, you should review the completed listings so that you can determine how much you should be charging. Items with multiple bids get sold through an auction as it gets more traffic compared to the “Buy It Now” option.

Because selling pricey items through auction can prove risky, be sure to reserve bid prices to avoid underselling. Once you’ve set the reserve price, you could begin the bidding with lower amounts that are geared towards drawing attention.

Creating Listings

Clicking on the “Sell” button creates ads by using eBay’s template. Here you can view titles and keywords that other successful sellers use and add similar words so that you’ll be competitive, as well. Adding high-quality images (the site allows twelve free for each listing) from different angles is also important. Also, be sure to provide detailed descriptions of your items. Pick a shipping method and then set your price.

Make use of free shipping when possible, as it could be a critical factor for getting bids. Set end dates for listings whenever buyers are most likely to view your items. Upload listings and just wait for the bids to start coming in.

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