The Table Page Lead comes with 2 different designs and allows you to add buy buttons to your products if using Easy Digital Downloads By late 2013 I had committed myself to building my very own theme framework for WordPress. I wanted to take my most successful product, Marketers Delight, and turn it into a standalone tool that would make building a blog easier. During this time I had no idea just how much responsibility I was putting on myself by chasing this idea. See, I had worked with frameworks before but I never actually built one. I certainly didn’t know how much they really do either. While a little misguided by my misunderstanding of what a theme framework truly was and having let too many of other people’s voices in my head, I experimented with all kinds of different ideas and built near complete products with full intentions of releasing them. …but those experiments never saw the light of day. Everything I built had seemed solid in theory, but never truly worked when it was right in front of my face. Either that, or once I solved one major problem I’d soon realize that I had only built a single piece to a more complex puzzle. Entering the Theme Space Throughout 2014 I had
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