What attracts your attention in the Google search results page that makes you click other than the first result? Ideally it might be the matching keywords in title and Meta description of what you might be looking for! But there’s more to that. SERPs (search engine result pages) have evolved over time to accommodate more and more useful information. And it’s easy to get attracted to results that are different and have rich markup in the results. A commonly displayed rich snippets markup, for example, is stars for ratings and reviews seen for product results. Location and events are few others commonly seen rich snippet markups in the search results. Such rich markup is made possible by search engine standards termed as Schema.org. So, why should you care about displaying rich snippets? A latest research points out that more than 36% of the Google search results incorporate Schema rich snippets which attracts greater attention and traffic when displayed in the SERPs. Adding such rich Schema markup helps to code your content in a way that can be understood by the major search engines. Among all other benefits, having a rich markup for your content certainly helps to boost the SEO of your
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