Trevor – thanks so much for your comments! > Anyway …. sad to say that I have been shaking my head in dismay at some of the things I have seen posted. You’re not an exception in this. Many of us want to try to improve the overall experience for all people involved in WordPress :). > I am a WordPress user. I am a web designer. I am a programmer and developer. I have ideas. I submit them and they get shot down by the devs (and then I see similar ideas appear in core, which makes me happy), but I don’t take offence. That’s a good position to take because ultimately it’s about having a better product overall. I know that it can be sad or disappointing to see ideas shot down and then implemented by someone else, but I think you have a fantastic attitude about the whole thing. Props for that. > I don’t post nasty comments. > I am old (56). I am autistic. I find the concept of a ‘camp’ entirely frightening. The internet is enabling for me. Please! You’re young, IMHO. I can understand the concept of a camp being scary – seriously. They can be really great things to attend, but can also be really overwhelming. Perhaps you can find some local friends to also attend the camp with you so you don’t
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