Last week I had something incredibly rare: a donation to one of my plugins! The amount is irrelevant, but was very generously received and it put a smile on my face. So a huge thank you to Alyssa who saw fit to donate to the Inline Tweet Sharer project. Thanks again. WordPress Monetisation – The Past I couldn’t really remember the last time I received a donation to help fund one of my plugins, but certainly I cannot remember receiving anything this year, and probably not within the last 12 months. Whilst I don’t expect anything, it is something that does help development, as donations means that maybe the developer doesn’t have to take on a client and can focus on the plugin instead. I wondered if I was a one off, or indeed donations are poorly received. In short – I wasn’t alone: I asked on WP Chat roughly how many donations were received, and the results were similar:- Most had around 2 or 3 donations received, and no more than 8. Most donations were in small quantities (totalled less than $100). The plugins associated with these donations had tens of thousands of downloads. Most donations came after a period of support. Whilst again not asked (most of us get a kick of seeing a plugin
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