So far in this series we have learned that Easy Digital Downloads is a lightweight WordPress-based plugin which helps you to create a website where you can exclusively sell your downloadable and digital products. Emails are very important for any kind of online transaction and especially when you are purchasing any downloadable product. A digital product can also be delivered via an email in the form of a downloadable link. So it is necessary to come up with a framework where emails are handled very carefully. EDD gives you plenty of options for setting up your email communication. In this article, I will discuss how the Emails Settings can be configured. Emails Settings In Easy Digital Downloads, normally two kinds of emails are dispatched. One notifies the store owner about sales, and the other notifies customers about their purchases along with the downloadable link of the purchased product. The third tab in the section of Settings is for . To access this part of the plugin, simply follow the path, i.e. Downloads > Settings > Emails. Let's look into its various options. Email Template The first setting is configured via a drop-down menu from where you are going to choose your Email
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