Argentinian WordPress developer Damian Logghe had never touched the Customizer API, but with all the controversy swirling around it, he decided to jump in to see what all the fuss was about. “The customizer has been making a lot of noise lately, as we all know, bringing politics to WordPress, and by politics I mean people arguing but getting nowhere,” he said. “As a plugin developer I never coded with the customizer and I only used it as a front end user. But at the latest WordCamp Buenos Aires, Elio Rivero spoke about using the customizer in plugins, and I decided to give it a try instead of entering into debate. And you know what? I loved it!” Logghe was contracted to build a new WordPress site and was looking for an easy way to beautify WordPress’ default emails. He thought that the customizer would be the best choice for the job. After a week of development, he created Email Templates, the first plugin to enhance WordPress email templates using the customizer. Email Templates can be accessed under the Appearance menu. The plugin creates customizer panels for editing the template, email header, footer, and settings. It even includes the ability to send a test email. Adding a logo
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