Just one day after Meerkat, the popular video streaming service, launched its embedded player, a WordPress plugin was in the works to make it easy for publishers to take advantage of it. David Artiss, an English developer and author of several popular embedding plugins, is the first to bring Meerkat embedding to WordPress. The Meerkat plugin lets users embed their streams in WordPress content using a simple shortcode. The embedded player automatically does the following, according to Meerkat’s documentation: It will show your live stream if you’re live. If you’re not live, if will show your next upcoming stream. If you have no upcoming streams, it will display stats from your last stream. If you have not streamed yet, it will show your profile. All you need is the Meerkat username to use the shortcode in its simplest form: [meerkat username="meerkatapi"] It also includes optional parameters for customizing the username, player type, participation, cover image, muted defaults, and debug settings. These parameters essentially let you customize everything available in the Meerkat embed code generator. The shortcode can be embedded in posts or pages. Artiss plans to add a widget option
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