Launching a product isn’t easy. I announced a new plugin called, Julep, which is going to help make your WordPress images more fun and engaging. Unlike my other digital products, Julep was born from a nagging frustration I have with manipulating my own blog post images. No market research, no client pain ponts — just my own. I’m sick of uploading my featured images to another service or into Pixelmator to embed headlines or quotes to make my posts a bit more — fun. It becomes clumsy and my desktop ends up being cluttered with cropped images and duplicate files. Why can’t we do this right in native WordPress? With Julep, you can. That’s the challenge I’m tackling. I expect it won’t be easy. Journaling every step of the way — just for you. I’ve been fascinated with Justin Jackson’s Build & Launch podcast, a commentary about the many phases of launching something new. Providing listeners with enormous value through a raw look into product creation and exposing the emotions throughout the process. Value, not just for the listener, but for the creator as well. Transparency can be a killer. We (creators & onlookers) can become so overwhelmed with success as it translates to money, that it
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