Remember the first time you got annoyed WordPress didn’t do something, and then you realized with the right amount of Googling, experimentation and foul language, you could probably make it do that? I don’t exactly, but some how it got me to where I am today, and I’m pretty happy about that Hopefully, we will soon have a RESTful API in WordPress core. Since this is WordPress, the features of the REST API are sensible defaults, designed to work on tens of millions of sites. That means that there will be plenty of cases where the default routes do not fit the exact needs of a site, app, plugin, or theme. Of course, since this is WordPress, the REST API is highly extensible. I’ve now written two articles on extending the REST API for Torque, and contributed to the docs on this subject. I’d like to give you a brief overview of how to extend the default routes, and add your own, and show you some examples of plugins I’ve created to do both. In addition I’ll link to the Torque articles and documentation to help you learn more. But First Version two of the REST API is on! Version 2 of the REST API can not be installed as a plugin from This makes testing easier.
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