One thing WordPress users have grown accustomed to, is easy, no code required theme customization options. The idea is: download a theme, activate it in the Themes panel, access the Customize panel, and start tweaking the theme’s colors, layout, fonts, etc., with just a mouse click. WordPress offers theme developers the Customizer API. This is a clean, object-oriented set of methods that facilitate the creation of a consistent customization interface. On the Customize panel, users can easily make changes and live-preview them without having to mess with PHP or CSS code. Developing theme options using the Customizer API, while being a straightforward and logical process, involves writing a certain amount of repetitive code. To cut down on some of the steps required to build functioning and safe Customizer options, Aristeides Stathopoulos has been developing a free and open-source plugin, Kirki. In this post I’m going to show how to integrate Kirki into your WordPress theme and how to use it to build a few Customizer options. What is Kirki? Let’s hear what Kirki is about from the developer behind it: Kirki is not a framework. It’s a toolkit allowing WordPress developers to use the Customizer
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