Three years ago, FooPlugins built FooLicensing, a digital license key management tool that enabled them to manage customers of their EDD-powered commercial plugins store. Although EDD already offered a license creation and management extension, FooPlugins required more features than it had at that time and opted to build their own. As of today, FooLicensing is now open source and free for anyone to use, along with the associated EDD connector plugin. “We love the community and wanted to give back,” FooPlugins co-founder Adam Warner said. “We know FooLicensing could be so much more but we just don’t have the time to dedicate to it alone. We are a small team and because of that we find ourselves with dozens of projects that could be so much more if only we had more time and people.” Open sourcing a project can change its trajectory if there’s enough interest and developers willing to contribute to improve it. Warner isn’t counting on that, however, and simply hopes other developers will find it useful. “It’s a bit of a leap of faith, but if it helps someone else get involved to help create an even more robust system, then great,” he said. “Bonus if it helps someone build additional extensions
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