We are happy to announce that we are giving free online web application security scans to all developers of open source web applications, with absolutely no strings attached, via a free Netsparker Cloud account. Netsparker Cloud is the only false positive free online web application security scanner. At Netsparker we appreciate how much we have benefited from the open source community and we would like to give something back, and to also ensure more secure development of open source web applications for the future. If you are an individual (genius) developer, or work with a team of (genius) developers and would like to get your free online web application security scans, send us an email on info@netsparker.com, tell us which open source project you are working on and the URL and we will get you started immediately. Testing the Web Vulnerability Scanners with Open Source Applications The secret of our state-of-the-art scanning engine’s vulnerability detection capabilities is simple; substantial amounts of research and even more testing. Testing is the utmost priority to Netsparker as our end user will use our desktop and online web application security scanners to scan a multitude of
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