WPin.me Re-brands As A Premium WordPress Directory WPin has shifted direction, it’s still early days as yet but this is something I always wanted to do. I always wanted to create a premium WordPress directory that anyone and everyone can use. In truth I did have another domain that I was going to use and have it as a standalone website however I made a mistake. I recently reached out to WPTavern to tell them of my plans and they came back with two emails. One of which caused me alarm! Does http://www.layerswp.com know about your domain and intended use for it? You see the domain I had was LyrWP. The whole point of LyrWP was to sift through the many Layers to get to the good stuff, rather fitting I thought with my plan to offer a free to list Premium WordPress Directory. However in my absolute blindness to LayersWP v LyrWP I thought it best to email Obox directly. I have not had a response as yet, mainly due to the time difference. In any result I have elected to stick with WPin for fear of misleading people and causing any harm or undue confusion between the two sites. Sorry Obox! It was actually a genuine mistake and one I can only apologize for! The other question I was asked was:
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