You’ve finally done it: you’ve created a product. It’s perfect. It’ll change lives. It’ll sell like hotcakes and make you millions. And you’ve got absolutely no idea what to call it. Whether you’ve invented life-changing technology or are just planning to introduce a new item in your line of fashion accessories, naming a product can be tough. Get the name right, and you’ve got a good chance at going down in history (or at least making some money). Get it wrong, and you’ll be hard-pressed to attract any customers. Today, we’re sharing some tips that will help you choose an effective, clear, and memorable name for your newest product. Read on to learn why product names are so important to your business before diving right into our ideas! What’s in a name: why product names matter In business, “a name is the easiest thing to hate.” And according to the CMO of Landor, a firm that’s named everything from Apple products to ice cream, consumers feel “instantly qualified” to judge product names — and base their initial opinions of a brand on them. Whether you’re naming a single item in your catalog of thousands or the core product on which your entire business will be based, what you call it
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