One of the main problems when translating a WordPress website is to find a translation service (or a professional translator) who knows WordPress and also is specialized in the content of your blog, whether it is technical knowledge (engineering, medical, etc) or creative writing experience (marketing content). There are two great professional translation options available (with their pros and cons) for localize your website that are integrated directly into WordPress: TextMaster and ICanLocalize. These services give you access from the WordPress dashboard to a large number of translators (or even writers) who can help you to make your site multilingual or create engaging content for your blog or website. This way you can manage translations form your WordPress admin panel more efficiently since you avoid having to copy and paste text and you can keep links, images, etc of your original WordPress pages. 1. TextMaster Recently I’ve been using a free WordPress plugin to order professional translations of some articles of this blog into German. This plugin has been developed by a startup called , that offers professional translation, web content writing and proofreading services by native
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