A lot of present WordPress developers had to start somewhere, usually it’s the route of getting to know the WordPress platform which becomes from an amateur hobby to a full time investment and dedication to produce templates, plugins and so on. However, it is hard to pursue this passion without monetising it and this is what we’ll talk about today. Earning money through WordPress could be divided through three main categories – WordPress marketplaces, freelance jobs and full time jobs. ThemeForest (WordPress themes marketplace) – is one of the biggest WP markets which contains a wide variety of premium templates for sale and users willing to buy them. A lot of authors on themeforest community maintain the sale of WP themes as a full time job or an addition to their full time job, a wide range of authors earning over a million dollars just by selling themes. The commission that themeforest takes is 12.5%-37.5% for exlusive authors (authors who sell their templates only for themeforest) and 55% from non-exlusive authors (those that sell their themes on more marketplaces). However, in order to get your template approved on themeforest, the quality of the theme must be extremely high. The
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