How many times have happened to you that your WordPress website was refusing to work properly, or was refusing to work at all? I’m sure it have happened multiple times. Although WordPress is an awesome CMS (Content Management System), it’s not without flaws. Every system has can happen to act weird from time to time. In the end, it’s just a piece of software with thousands of lines of code, written by human. One of the possible WordPress errors that will for sure cause most trouble and broken keyboards, is so called “White screen of death”. This one is my favourite, in negative way. We will it in this article along with some other common errors. Error 1. White Screen of Death As mentioned earlier, this one is the most infamous error of them all. It will just show blank (white) page. No errors, no nothing. Even with debugging mode enabled, in most cases it will show nothing. Most experienced developers agree that the cause of white screen of death could be down to one (or all of them) of these three things: exhausted memory broken plugin broken theme If you have multiple sites on different hosts, and problem occurs on websites hosted by the same hosting provider, you can safely assume
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