Yesterday, we announced the redesign of our blog and the addition of our engineering channel. This is the first post related to engineering detailing a walkthrough of what we've built, and what better than to blog about rebuilding our blog on our new blog? How meta. It started with an engineering blog A few months ago, I took up a de facto role heading up developer evangelism efforts at Stack Exchange. I say that with a caveat: we treat developer evangelism at Stack very differently than most other companies do. What we don't want to do is create a team of people that travel around, speaking at events, trying to sell something and code occasionally - that didn't make sense to us. Instead, what we really want to do is highlight the amazing public outreach work members of our engineering team are already doing. Most if not all of our developers are active members of not only Stack Overflow, but the larger technical community: writing blog posts, doing open source work, and speaking at conferences. We really want to shed some light on the individual public outreach efforts our engineering team is actively doing. Second, we want to make the philosophy that has made Stack Overflow so successful
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