I have been on a journey of change and growth for the last few years, both personally and professionally. I went back to school to pursue another degree while working full-time. It wasn’t easy, but I pulled off a 4.0 GPA over 43 credits in 21 months, all while staying very busy at work and not letting my home life miss a beat. You would think that would make me feel like I was worthy of any acclaim that came my way. Well, it didn’t. No matter how much success I achieve (and I have done pretty good in the last year), I still feel like a total fraud and that I do not belong. Shouldn’t being asked to come back and teach the very classes I had just completed be enough to make me feel like I was a competent professional? The answer is yes, but the internal perspective I have of myself said no. I was now responsible for teaching students that did not have any experience in web development about the basics of web development. What right did I have to be up there in front of ten or twenty or even thirty impressionable minds telling them this is how you create for the web? In my mind, I kept thinking that they would figure out I had no clue and I was just some kind of robot reading a script.
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