Whether you run your website as a fun side project, as a commercial entity, or somewhere in between, keeping it secure should be one of your top priorities. While there are plenty of plugins out there designed to improve the security of your WordPress website, if you are anything like me, then your website is probably already creaking under the weight of a growing library of add-ons and extensions. So if you’d like to strengthen the security of your WordPress website without installing any additional WordPress plugins, then this article with give you some actionable tips which can help you do just that. Ensure Plugins & Themes Are Up to Date Let’s start off with the most basic of advice, but perhaps the most important: keeping the WordPress software, as well as any installed themes and plugins up to date. Each plugin and theme that is installed on your WordPress website is a potential route into the back end of your blog and its underlying code and database, for those with malicious intent. That’s not to say that all plugins and themes pose a security risk, it’s just that sometimes flaws do arise. When they do, developers seek to resolve these issues by releasing updates to their code.
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