I'm looking for somebody to take over ThemeSorter and put the brand to good use. I don't want to use Flippa. I'd rather do a quick sale with somebody from the WordPress community. It'd be great to look at it in a year and be able to smile. History, Traffic & Revenue The site was launched early 2011. I stopped updating it mid-2012. At it's peak it earned between $500 and $1000 monthly from affiliate commissions with 400 - 500 daily visitors. Since stopping updating it, the traffic and revenue naturally declined. The themes on there now are quite old and not big sellers. A lot of the affiliate programs have changed so links are probably broken. Right now my estimate is that it makes $50/month and receives between 50 and 100 visits daily. See screenshots from Google Analytics at the bottom. Reviving It The reason I stopped updating it wasn't because it was unsuccessful but because I wanted to give a shot at making my own themes which ended up becoming my primary work. I don't think it ever reached its full potential. I believe that it would serve as a good starting point for a new project. It's already on Google's radar and it's a good name (so I've been told). My feeling is that regularly
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