I’m very excited to announce our next open source project; Suzie. If you haven’t been following our progress over the last few months we’ve been giving back to the community with Herbert — a WordPress plugin framework, and Peggy — a free DevOps platform. So what is a starter kit? In the early days of Big Bite, it was just a repository encompassing our file structure and blank theme — the main value was the functions.php file, which became larger and larger each project. As we grew, so did our projects. I’m ashamed to say, but we fell into the trap of bloated repositories mostly consisting of media files. It was time to change, but big changes can cause problems, so we split the problem up into smaller chunks. What were the most common issues? What solutions did we implement often? On the simple level it was managing database details across environments. It became common for other PHP projects to use .env files to manage environment variables. Looking into how Laravel handled it, I was going to require a package (vlucas/phpdotenv), which meant it made sense to tackle using Composer as well. After building out my own version I stumbled across Bedrock, which is a well maintained project.
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