A quick look at the Alexa traffic rank graphs of WordPress.org, WordPress.com and other popular WordPress websites could easily give you the impression that traffic is dropping and WordPress is in decline. WordPress.org WordPress.com The Alexa graph for the last year doesn’t look positive, so is WordPress really in decline? We reported last week that many authors on ThemeForest have experienced a massive decline in theme sales (50-70% drop) over the last couple of months. Some independent WordPress theme shops have reported their sales are dropping also. Speculating about the reasons for such a drastic decline some people have pointed to the Alexa rankings and blamed the drop in sales on decreasing traffic levels. Lets have a look at the Alexa Traffic Rank graphs for ThemeForest and some other popular WordPress shops and blogs. It’s interesting to see that all these sites share a similar pattern in their traffic rank chart, and all are in decline. ThemeForest StudioPress WooThemes Elegant Themes Mojo Themes WPTavern WPBeginner WPMU DEV So what’s going on here? Is WordPress traffic and popularity really in decline? It’s important to understand what the Alexa Traffic Rank actually is
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