Is new website builder XPRS something designers should be looking at? Daniel Katz investigates. WordPress has been around for a long time and has been through many iterations, becoming better with each new version. But it still has its problems. Open source programs are a great concept but there are many compromises on what should be considered as essential features and on security issues. Specific complaints include the endless updates and constantly changing interface and the fact that it is incomplete. We need plugins for everything from SEO to e-commerce because WordPress does not include commonly needed features in the core program. Incompatible plugins are a major source of the problems that arise with WordPress sites. We need a better WordPress, one that fixes the issues that every WordPress user has. XPRS from IM Creator is the most recent candidate in the search for a better WordPress. Issues for Designers WordPress is not easy to work with unless you have a lot of coding knowledge. Designers get their kicks from design, not code, yet coding is the only tool available to compose a design in WordPress. In XPRS you can change, edit and customize everything, without handling any
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