MainWP is a WordPress site management tool which came to my attention recently, it works similarly to sites like ManageWP and InfiniteWP in that it allows you to control multiple WordPress sites from one location. It allows you to do things like carry out WordPress core, theme and plugin updates, carry out backups and publish content. What makes MainWP stand out though is that it is a free self-hosted plugin so you can install the MainWP Dashboard on your own server and then add the child plugin to sites which you wish to manage to that location – you are not relying on someone else’s servers or giving away information about your sites to a third party. Features Before we take a look at how the plugin functions, here is a full run-down of the features included: Updates – Update WordPress core, themes and plugins Backups – Schedule backups for each site on a daily, weekly or monthly basis Content Management – Write posts and publish them on any site without having to login to each one. Bulk Posting – Post content to multiple websites at once Self-Hosted – Keep everything on your own private server, no record of actions, sites or passwords are shared with anyone. Discovery Protection
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