A WordPress Membership SaaS – Memberful Most of the plugins I’m reviewing in this July series are membership plugins that you download and then install on your own site. It’s a pretty common approach to building membership plugins, even if it’s not the only one. Already we’ve looked at: Every one of them has delivered its features in the form of the plugin. Today we’ll be looking at a membership plugin that also derives a lot of its value and features from an online component. This is normally called Software as a Service (SaaS) and it’s what powers Memberful. Let’s talk about SaaS products for a second, from the perspective of why it’s powerful and useful to end users (as well as developers). First, it means you can use the product outside of WordPress. This is similar to the way Sucuri works and the way Optin Monster works. Also ConvertKit. They allow the product to be used on more than just WordPress sites because the control center is coded elsewhere and can use any language or design paradigm. In the case of Memberful, the SaaS is written as a Ruby on Rails system hosted on Heroku. Second, it means you can design the screens for usability without worrying about WordPress design
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