Reviewing WP eMember In my first review, we looked at wpmu dev Membership 2 Pro. It had a free and a Pro version. You had to pay monthly if you wanted updates for the Pro version. The plugin we’re looking at right now isn’t like that at all. Only one version. One time fee. Free upgrades and updates for life. That alone might have you jumping over to check out WP eMember. The Rating Criteria As I scored the previous plugin, I looked at 8 different factors and I thought I would walk you thru some level of details on those factors before we dig into WP eMember. Ease of Use & Speed to Configure These two criteria almost sound identical but they’re not. Ease of use is all about the “predictability” of the plugin. Are the names of the different features and configuration easy to understand? Does the software work in a way you can predict? Are the screens well designed and easy for someone who isn’t an expert? How overwhelming is the settings page? Speed to configure is something different, but related. The issue here is that even if you know how to do what you want to do, can you do it quickly? It presumes proficiency at the task and then inquires as to the velocity of the effort. Multiple
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