Themeisle have been doing really well lately with their Zerif Lite theme which is currently ranked as the 5th most popular free theme on the WordPress directory. There is also a pro version of this theme which is their top selling theme and helping them to make over $80k per month in revenue which they share in their monthly transparency reports. Their Zeif theme recently sparked some debate about what can and cant be included in themes within the directory in regards to separating functionality from the theme itself into plugins.With that in mind, I spoke to Ionut from Themeisle who let me know about their latest free theme, named Parallax One, which they are making available to download from for free from their own website, he told me “1. Honestly I think is working on some quite big changes, I am not happy about the demos there and the reading settings, also for seo value I feel is better to release it on our site first”. He said that the team at Themeisle spent around 2-3 months developing Parallax One and they intend to “submit there in few months probably, when demo and directory should be improved” To download the Parallax One for now, you will need to register an account
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