The team behind Postmatic is aiming to breathe new life into WordPress native comments with the 1.0 release of Epoch today. The plugin was created to provide a Disqus alternative with faster loading and submitting for comments. Epoch’s creators set an ambitious goal for themselves on the plugin’s description page: The goal: To provide a realtime commenting/chat experience using fully native comments while being compatible with page caching, CDNs, mobile, other comment plugins, and SEO best practices. The plugin submits comments via AJAX, which means that comments appear instantly within the conversation without refreshing the page. The experience is designed to be so fast that it blurs the line between commenting and chatting, as comments from other readers also show up automatically with the same speed. The video below shows the plugin in action and a live demo of Epoch is available on the Postmatic website. Epoch version 1.0 boasts compatibility with virtually any WordPress theme. The plugin will attempt to integrate with your theme via one of three ways: The first tries to continue using your existing comment template while still offering all the performance gains The second overrides
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