One of the small hurdles to hosting a plugin on is the fact that you have to use SVN to ship your updates. Most developers are far more familiar with Git. It’s not difficult to learn how to use SVN for the sake of plugins, but many find it to be inconvenient. Ship is a new application designed to eliminate this hassle by helping developers ship plugins directly from GitHub to All you have to do is tag the release on GitHub and the app will automatically push updates to the plugin’s official SVN repo on The application was created by Jason Agnew and his team at Big Bite Creative, authors of the Herbert plugin framework. The team built the app in Laravel in just five days. It’s currently hosted on Digital Ocean, but Agnew plans to move it over to AWS once Ship has gained more users. “We’ve reached a point where most developers are familiar with GitHub, and as a result, Git,” Agnew said in his announcement. “If you plan to do anything open source you’re likely to find yourself on there – even Apple has made the move. Unfortunately uses SVN, which most developers don’t use daily, or are even familiar with. It’s easy
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