Last week Stack Ecxhange announced its new blog, revamped to publish company news and engineering posts. The first post on the blog, written by Jon Chan, Stack Overflow’s developer evangelist, made no small amount of fanfare over migrating from WordPress to Jekyll. Chan’s explanation of the team’s process cites a few curious reasons for their dissatisfaction with WordPress: During the original proposal stage for the engineering blog, we also had a conversation about what engine we would use. At the time, all of our blogs were running WordPress…which we weren’t so happy about. It was very buggy, difficult to log in to, not very performant, and has caused our SRE team more than a few headaches. If we were really going to revamp the new company blog, it seemed like a lot of work to try and wrestle with our WordPress installation. With a little bit of WordPress skill, these seem like easy complaints to resolve, especially given that Chan said the team was inspired by blogs like Code as Craft and OkTrends, both powered by WordPress. However, anti-WordPress sentiments continue to run high within the Stack Overflow community, which recently ranked the software as the third most dreaded technology.
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