Back on June 8, 2015 Apple announced their newest iPhone/iPad operating system, iOS 9, and along with it comes a new app that will be of interest to most WordPress bloggers. This new app is called Apple News, and it will on the home screen of 190,000,000 iPhone users sometime in September 2015. As a WordPress blogger you are going to want to make sure your content is available to these users when they are setting up their News favorites by getting your content submitted ahead of time. Submit Your WordPress Blog to Apple News Access the Apple News publisher portal. Sign in to the Apple ID you want to associate with your Apple News submission. At this point Apple will ask you to agree to their End User License Agreement for News. Provide Apple with your personal information: name of your WordPress blog, address, phone number, etc. Provide your channel information: Desired name of channel, website address, primary audience (or multiple audiences), territories and languages, etc. Submit your RSS feed. Once these steps are completed, your WordPress website will be reviewed for inclusion in Apple’s new News service!! Coming Soon: Apple News Format We’re working on bringing you a brand new
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