Latest release This is a major update which brings some interesting new features and fixes tons of bugs. This version of TGMPA is brought to you by Thomas Griffin with graceful thanks to Gary Jones and our new core-team member Juliette Reinders Folmer for the majority of the changes. With this release the TGMPA library has moved to its own organisation on GitHub. From now on you can find it at TGMPA/TGM-Plugin-Activation. The website has also been given some love. You can now find detailed information about the configuration options, FAQs and more at: TGMPA will start providing localized text strings soon. If you already have translations of our standard strings available, please help us make TGMPA even better by giving us access to these translations or by sending in a pull-request with .po file(s) with the translations. A .pot file to get you started is now available in the GitHub repository. Enhancement: Full support for update work-flow. Updating of the registered plugins can now be done from the TGMPA screen, both on individual plugins as well as in bulk - this will take into account WP repo updates as well as updates for plugins which are bundled
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