In the Checkout Options we discussed multiple payment gateways that were installed automatically with WooCommerce. With every gateway we saw that there's a Settings section where an online store owner can manage them. In this tutorial we will discuss the configuration of the PayPal payment gateway. PayPal's Integration With WooCommerce If we're talking about the security of an online transaction, then PayPal is considered to be the most popular payment option. Obviously, if you are receiving payments via PayPal then you know all about it. Being a newbie, if you are thinking that the presence of PayPal in the Payment Gateways option is sufficient for you to start receiving payments from your customers, then you are sadly mistaken! The payment process will not begin unless you integrate PayPal with WooCommerce. So in the first half of this article I will explain how this integration is done. The second half is about the options that WooCommerce offers to configure the PayPal settings. PayPal's Sandbox Account First of all a Paypal account is needed for this, which you can create by visiting the official PayPal site. For demo, we will make a "sandbox account" . This type of account provides
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