Short version: WordCamp Pune, India has asked me to come speak about HeroPress and I need help to get there. Long version: Four months ago HeroPress began posting essays from people who had at some point been stuck on the periphery of something they desired. Since then there've been over 15 essays published, and judging from the feedback and the strong international traffic HeroPress has inspired thousands of people all over the world. My name is Topher and I've been running HeroPress as a hobby since March of this year. Saurabh Shukla is a HeroPress contributor and also the lead organizer of WordCamp Pune, India. He recently asked me if I'd come speak about HeroPress at that WordCamp. The talk will be mostly about the stories of people that have contributed, as well as a few that haven't yet. To get there I need $2150. FAQ What will I do with the money? $1400 is for the plane ticket $300 is for hotel $200 is for food, cabs, uber, etc $100 is for emergencies $150 is for GoFundMe's fees What will I do if I raise more than I need? My first choice is to find a WordCamp that is struggling to get sponsorship and sponsor that WordCamp. If I can't find one of those then it'll get donated to
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