Inspired by many other businesses in the WordPress ecosystem that have been sharing their revenue numbers and other details behind their businesses, we’ve decided to post a transparency report of our own. I hope this information will help developers who are interested in transitioning from a consulting business to a products-based business. We’re also launching our new PMPro Plus level of membership this week via a series of emails. The emails themselves cover the process we’re using to launch the new level; the details in this post will provide some extra context. Who are we? First, some information on who “we” are when talking about where this revenue goes. The company behind Paid Memberships Pro is Stranger Studios; and we consist of myself, Jason Coleman, and my wife Kim Coleman. We’ve also had a few part time contractors over the past few years. Most recently we have two, part-time contractors helping us with PMPro support and select development projects: Harsha and Jess. Things change week to week, but the basic time chart looks something like this: Jason: 40+ hours per week. Kim: 20 hours per week. Jess: 10 hours per week. Harsha: 10 hours per week. Top line numbers. Here is
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