Hi, I’m Leif, the newest member of AppPresser. Make that ‘new’… as in Noob. That’s because, aside from learning about AppPresser early on and getting my hands on a free eBook being handed out, I knew little about the software or the company. (By the way, you can get that free eBook by filling out the form right here on this page. I highly recommend it.) The first day of work on a new job usually means filling out paperwork and walking through team member introductions. My AppPresser orientation was pretty straightforward: “Welcome aboard. Here’s your tools. Now go build an app and let us know how it goes.” So I’m going to walk through my own learning process here in hopes of helping other beginners learn how to use AppPresser. The Learning Process Over the years, I’ve grown into the habit of approaching a project by getting the big picture first. I try to clearly understand what the goal is and then figure out the most efficient way to get it done. With AppPresser, the big picture is in the docs, FAQs, and videos. It’s also in the forums. Use that search bar. I had read the eBook and jumped around the website when I first started, so I had a bit of an idea of how this was going to go.
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