It Sort of worked. I wanted to know what would drive clicks using promoted tweets. This was not our first foray into promoted tweets. We saw pretty dismal results with past campaigns so out of frustration I decided to turn left and just experiment to see what would drive clicks back to our WordPress hosting service. We created a few ads with various tag lines. We attempted witty, we attempted straightforward and we attempted the absurd. In terms of raw number of engagements, the dumbest ad you could probably think of did the best. A Shoe Is it a dress shoe? A dance shoe? An ass-kicking shoe? It is whatever kind of shoe you want it to be. But all it was is a promoted tweet of a photo of a shoe. Thanks go to Death to Stock Photo for such an amazing shoe. The CPC for this promoted tweet was slightly higher than the other’s we tested but the raw number of clicks it drove was 3x the nearest. Why on earth would folks respond to this idiotic promoted tweet? Perhaps people are just so tired of ads, that the novelty of an anti-ad worked. If you are curious where the link in the promoted tweet landed, it was here. A landing page for 10 challenges the Enterprise faces adopting WordPress. Thundercloud
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