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News Highlights:

WordPress Happy Hour In SF: We are so excited to be hosting our first WordPress meetup in San Francisco. Sign up here and come join us early this Wednesday for some free drinks and snacks.

Shortcode Improvements In Core: The core team discussed the potential of committing the Shortcake plugin to the WordPress core.

WordPress 4.3 Preview: WPBeginner talked about what to expect in WordPress 4.3, which is slated for release next month.

WordCamp Europe Q&A highlights: During his recent panel at WordCamp Europe, Matt Mullenweg emphasized the importance of multi-language support in WordPress. He also talked about big changes coming to the customizer for mobile users.

Is Modular Code The Future of WordPress: Roy Sivan and JJJ are reviving the BackPress project, a framework that granted access to all of the php functions, without the WordPress ecosystem. There are lots of great opinions in the comment section of this one, be sure to check them out.

Plugins Vs. Themes: Do you know the difference between a WordPress theme and a WordPress plugin?

Upcoming WordPress Events:

July 8th: WordPress Happy Hour in San Franicsco

July 18-19th: WordCamp Scranton

July 18-19th: WordCamp Boston (we’ll be there!)

July 24-26th: WordCamp Milwaukee

July 25-26th: WordCamp Asheville

This week’s GIF Of The Week(tm):

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