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News Highlights:

Design a Wapuu for Torque: We’ve been seeing Wapuus everywhere lately, so we thought it would be fun to run a Torque-themed Wapuu contest. Help design a special Wapuu for our office.

Envato Targeted by DDoS attack: “Since July 1, Envato has been the target of a sustained DDoS (distributed denial of service) attack.” These attacks have heavily affected sales on Themeforest and the Envato Market.

WooTheme’s New Partnership: Sidekick, makers of interactive tutorial videos, have recently announced their new partnership with WooThemes, to help teach users how to better use the eCommerce website.

First Look at WordPress 4.3: Edit improvements, customizer changes, and more in this early look at the next version of WordPress.

REST API Plugin: This new console allows you to explore the REST API on your WordPress site. WP-API is coming, here’s your chance to learn more about it.

Chris’s Story Of The Battle Over Thesis.com: We wrote recently about a cybersquatting lawsuit over Thesis.com. Now Chris Pearson tells his side of the story. Also some responses from Matt Mullenweg in the comments.

Upcoming WordPress Events:


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