Let’s face facts. The WordPress site search capabilities aren’t as good as they could be. From returning results that aren’t sorted by their relevance, not having the ability to search uploaded files, or failing to find matching content, it’s fair to say there is room for improvement. So while you could wait for a future update to our favorite publishing software to sort this out, you could also rectify the issue today. By installing one of the suitable plugins that have been created to enhance the core WordPress site search tool you can give this element of your website a much needed performance boost. If you aren’t giving your visitors the option of searching the content of your website to find more of what they are looking for, or you aren’t happy with the performance of your current site search solution, then read on to get a better understanding of the benefits of adding an effective internal site search feature to your website, followed by some suggestions of plugins that can help you do so. Benefits of Providing an Effective Internal Site Search Tool You might have decided not to include a site search tool on your website, or perhaps you aren’t sure of the benefits of upgrading
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