Here's how to get started doing exactly tha... || There’s a lot going on as it relates to working with WordPress right now: People are discussing things ranging from dependency manage (via tools such as Composer) and talking about the up and coming REST API (which is really exciting). I’ve also recently read that the object-oriented programming approach is just now making its way to WordPress development. Personally, I don’t fully agree with that, but I do think that there are some advanced topics that are making there way over such as inversion of control, dependency injection containers, and so on. All of those are important things to be discussed, shared, and taught to others, for sure. But sometimes, I think that we forget that there are some basic things about WordPress that those who are just getting involved need to learn before getting into those topics. These things include how to grab a copy of the latest version of WordPress from the trunk (let alone explaining what “trunk” – or source control – even is), how to get started with working on your first set of issues, and so on. This is something that I think those involved in WordPress development could do a better job of
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