Sponsored by LoadStorm. The easy and cost effective load testing tool for web and mobile applications. This is the third round of managed WordPress web hosting performance testing. You can see the original here, and the November 2014 version here. Companies Tested Note: Pressable and WebSynthesis [Reviews] were not interested in being tested this round and were excluded. WordPress.com dropped out due to technical difficulties in testing their platform (a large multi-site install). Every company donated an account to test on. I checked to make sure I was on what appeared to be a normal server. The exception is WPEngine*. They wrote that I was “moved over to isolated hardware (so your tests don’t cause any issues for other customers) that is in-line with what other $29/month folks use.” From my understanding, all testing was done on a shared plan environment with no actual users on the server to share. So this is almost certainly the best case scenario performance wise, so I suspect the results look better than what most users would actually get. †Tests were performed with SiteGround‘s proprietary SuperCacher module turned on fully with memcached. The Products (Click for Full-Size Image)
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